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Wholesale export supply of spare parts
for cars produced by Russian plants
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Russia, Moscow
Varshavskoe highway 10-1-3


  • Export supply by sea prevails in the company turnover. Permanent communication with offices of Russian ports, such as, e.g., Saint Petersburg, Kronstadt and Novorossisk, allows to co-ordinate in advance time of presentation of the goods to the port of loading and estimated dates of arrival of vessels bound for the routes we require with respect to our obligations. It results not only in making time of delivery shorter, but also in avoiding the risks of loss of the goods during their liable storage.
  • Export supply by air. Our experience in operation with respective services of Moscow airports, such as Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo, allows considerable speeding up in registration of shipping documents as well as shipping our goods under reduced tariffs. Speed of delivery of goods by air often pays to the client the difference in the rate of airfreight and the rate of freights in case of shipment by sea or railway transport, mainly when our customer is interested in a small consignment of goods.
  • Optionally, our company carries out delivery of goods by railway transport as well. Such deliveries are made to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and to the former Soviet republics. Long-term co-operation with the first-rate Russian operators in the field of transit by rail freightage resulted in corresponding tariff preferences, and our customers join us in enjoying this advantage in case of terms of delivery being free-border of the country of destination. In some cases we are ready to arrange escort of the goods during their railway transportation, provided it is made at the expense and upon request of our customer.
  • It happens quite often that our customers apply to us with request to supply the goods by automobile transport. As a rule, these are the customers from the former Soviet republics. They provide for loading their own automobile transport or wagons of operators of their countries, and receive their goods on terms ex warehouse of our company in Moscow. Nevertheless, our company is able to carry out deliveries of goods by automobile transport independently. Upon agreement with the customer we can both to use facilities of the first-rate Russian carriers and to send the goods by our own vans.


Customs clearance of export goods is made both at customs offices of Moscow, Moscow Region and Belgorod Region, including customs offices of Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports, and at customs offices of sea ports of Saint Petersburg, Kronstadt and Novorossisk, subject to terms and way of delivery. Irreproachable and timely preparation of all documents necessary for customs clearance our officers used to perform for the long-term period of co-operation and continue to perform now, combined with flat refusal from practice of exporting infringing articles support our lasting business co-operation with respective services of customs. As a result our company not only enjoys considerable speeding-up of customs registration of our export goods, but also has the possibility to carry out registration of the said goods at the least busy customs checkpoints at the specified time. This also contributes to shortening of delivery time.