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Wholesale export supply of spare parts
for cars produced by Russian plants
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Russia, Moscow
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Our company permanently carries out marketing of nomenclature of our goods. First of all it relates to keeping track of prices and quality of spare parts of the same designation manufactured by different manufacturing plants of Russia and Belarus. It enables not only to operate in the export market with success, including participation in various tenders, but also to offer goods of the highest quality at competitive prices. Marketing activity of the company consists also in keeping track of different imported units and assembly sets produced by the biggest European and American companies and used by Russian and Belarusian manufacturing plants to complete the machinery of their production. We provide our foreign customers with the information concerning the prices and quality of the imported spare parts for such machinery, and then they are able to purchase the required spare parts of non-Russian production either from our company or directly from foreign manufacturers.

Our company meets individual wishes of our customers, including those connected with searching in the market scarce parts required by the client, such as, for example, spare parts for motor vehicles which are no more in production. This is of special importance for those countries which previously had active trade relations with the former Soviet Union, and which still have functioning machinery supplied at that time.

Optionally, our company also renders consulting services, including those concerned with organization of stocktaking and storage of spare parts and specifying catalogue numbers of spare parts.

Advantages of co-operation with us

Patrons of our company have already appreciated the advantages of co-operation with us, since quality of the goods supplied by our company always meets requirements of Russian and, optionally, international standards, and our prices in general do not exceed release prices of manufacturing plants. Direct contacts with the manufacturing plants allow not only reducing time of delivery, but also exert positive influence upon competitiveness of the prices we offer and exclude possibility of delivery of handicraft industry spare parts.

Certificates of conformance of our goods with requirements of Russian standards, which we translate in English language and supply along with the goods, enable our customers to make themselves certain of the goods origin and place of production.

Our foreign customers are both big private companies and State institutions, including those concerned with defense activities. These are organizations which refrain from buying Chinese, Taiwanese, etc. falsifications of Russian made spare parts because of their poor quality and extremely limited service life. As a result of strict observance of our contract obligations and permanent monitoring of quality of the goods to be delivered to foreign customers our company has received no claims for all the period of being in the market.

We are sure that in case you apply to our company and make a contract for the goods as per our assortment, even trial one if nothing else, you will make certain of accuracy of your choice. Our company is your reliable partner for many long years of effective cooperation.